photo by Paige Heffer – @honeycomb_photography

Hi! I’m Claire! Thanks for taking the time to look around my website and get to know my heart.

I’m currently a junior with Liberty University’s online program. I study Strategic Communications and this semester (spring 2020), I’m working on a class that requires we build a website. I could not be more excited! Getting my hands on a project that will prepare me for my future feels amazing and I’m thankful to be equipped with this skill! If you’d like to get to know me a bit more, keep reading…

Ever since I was a young girl, writing has been a passion. I’d fly through book after book, visiting our local library once a week. My mom would watch as I dropped off three or four novels into the book return chute. I knew she was watching because she’d giggle to herself as I got back into the car, after saying my goodbyes to the books I had come to love. She even witnessed me giving my books a little kiss, as weird as that sounds! It wasn’t just the characters I found in those novels, it was the way every word came together to form a vivid image in my mind. I fell in love with the talent, the melody of the stories that entranced me.

As a junior in college, I do not find myself with the time to read as I once did. But I have found myself filling pages of journals with my thoughts, little poems, and prayers. I get so much joy from writing essays, whether they’re about 19th/20th century literature or single-spaced theological arguments. The ministry I pursue puts me in a place where I can write out silly skits and videos – just another outlet for me to write and be creative. This website, too, is a place to develop my writing and communication skills. While my content might not be the most awe-inspiring, it is a glimpse into the person God is molding me to be. Someone who creates, who serves, who glorifies God above all else.

On a more silly note, I’m very passionate about La Croix, shows on Netflix and Hulu, and lots of coffee. I work for a coffee chain from the Pacific Northwest and I love it! Just understanding coffee on a more intimate level has given me a deep appreciation for the drink and the local roasters and shops scattered through my community. During nine months out of the year, I’m wearing Chacos – rain or shine! It makes for quite the tan line, and even though that’s weird and dorky, it’s something I’m very proud of.

Another passion of mine is ministry. I’ve spent countless hours, multiple summers, and an entire bachelor’s degree pursuing ministry. God has placed this passion, this desire to serve, on my heart and in my future. So, as I write about ministry, it comes from a place of hope and calling. Even though I can’t see exactly where God will place me in my future, I’m moving forward with my pursuit of ministry with a heart of expectancy.

I hope that the content you find on this website can be encouraging in some way and that you might be able to connect with the experiences I share!