just as she always had, the girl found a moment for a new experience.

her curious mind led her onto a large, slippery rock.

she steadied herself and began to extend her slim arm forward.

time stopped around us.

the moon’s intense glow shrouded us in a cool-toned luster, illuminating every bit of beauty in the moment.

i was enchanted by the scene, even though she always swore no one noticed her.

the rain drops pattered on her smooth weather-proof jacket.

her frizzy hair fell into her striking, lovely face, but she quickly puffed the strands away with a sure breath.

as her arm continued to stretch, her left leg lifted off the rock, giving her another inch toward her goal.

a low-hanging cherry blossom branch proved an evasive target.

it swayed in the brisk winter wind, ignoring her obvious desire to grab it.

the pint-sized girl wobbled and a wheezy giggle, full of her infectious love, erupted from her mouth.

the iridescent pink petals beamed in the moonlight, just like the joyous light coming from her merry smile.

she realized the elusiveness of the branch’s movement could not be outwitted and she stepped off the rock with a huff.

my moment of intense captivation was interrupted by her clunky, graceless landing.

i was brought back into the moment and we continued on our path.

photo by Paige Heffer – @honeycomb_photography

One of my best friends, Anna, is the sweetest person I have ever met. We met at summer camp and have followed similar paths ever since. She’s unique, kind, and always seeks out new adventures. I wrote this poem for 19th birthday because she loves everything nostalgic and I felt giving her a poem would make her feel seen, known, and loved.

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