my home.

photo by Paige Heffer – @honeycomb_photography

I have attended ten different schools in my life, moved to eight times throughout my childhood, and those numbers are always changing as I continue to grow and find my place in the world. I asked so many questions about myself as a child because of how often my surroundings changed. Am I a Washingtonian? Oregonian? Maybe an Iowan? I can officially report that I have figured this one out as a young adult – I am an Oregonian to the core.

Along with these ever-changing environments came many friendships, good and bad. It became natural to meet new friends, invest in them for a year or two, and completely cutting off communication with them when my family would pack up and move hundreds of miles away. I adapted to this “normal” and expected to have friends for a short period of time. Only when I finally settled into my freshman college dorm did I expect a change.


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